The following posters will be presented in the fast forward session on Tuesday, 20 April and in the virtual posters session on Wednesday, 21 April:

Linearly Transformed Spherical Harmonics
Jan Allmenröder and Christoph Peters
MMPX Style-Preserving Pixel Art Magnification
Morgan McGuire and Mara Gagiu
Quantifying Sign-Language Movement Kinematics from Video
Aline Normoyle, Samuel Rothstein and Norman Badler
Rendering Decals and Many Lights with Ray Tracing Acceleration Structures
Sidney Hansen and Christoph Peters
Rendering of Many Lights with Grid-Based Reservoirs
Paula Jukarainen, Jakub Boksansky and Chris Wyman


Additionally, some paper authors will give live demos of their techniques during the virtual posters session on Wednesday, 21 April. These demos will not be streamed to Youtube, you have to be there to see them. Here is a list of these papers:

Real-Time Geometric Glint Anti-aliasing with Normal Map Filtering
Xavier Chermain, Simon Lucas, Basile Sauvage, Jean-Michel Dischler and Carsten Dachsbacher
Guided Visibility Sampling++
Thomas Koch and Michael Wimmer
Real-Time Subsurface Control Variates: Temporally Stable Adaptive Sampling
Tiantian Xie and Marc Olano
HeterSkinNet: A Heterogeneous Network for Skin Weights Prediction
Xiaoyu Pan, Jiancong Huang, Jiaming Mai, He Wang, Honglin Li, Tongkui Su, Wenjun Wang and Xiaogang Jin
Stochastic-Depth Ambient Occlusion
Jop Vermeer, Leonardo Scandolo and Elmar Eisemann


An AMD GPU will be awarded for the best student poster presentation.

Virtual Posters Session

You must register to attend the posters and demos session. For more details, visit the #posters channel once registered.

Posters will be a unique experience, held in a 3D VR space (but you can also use your browser), hosted using Mozilla Hubs. A 60-minute tour through the session, featuring all posters, will be streamed to YouTube. The session has a soft ending, discussions can continue after the 60-minute stream has ended. Here is an album showing last year's space and a preview of our new space:

All questions about posters and poster presentations should be directed to I3D 2021 Posters Chair Christoph Peters.

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