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ACM SIGGRAPH 2003 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics

Paper Submissions

Paper submission deadline was 5 PM, PST, October 25, 2002.

Only electronic, full-length paper submissions in pdf format will be processed.

The web site for paper submission was here:

I3D 2003 will accept for publication only papers reporting work which has not been previously published in a conference proceedings or journal. Authors may submit papers based on work that has been shown elsewhere, but which has not described in a publication. Specifically, work previously shown in a poster session or as a SIGGRAPH annual conference sketch may be submitted. Authors may submit papers on work that has been publicly distributed only as a preprint or tech report.

Paper Formats

We will accept two types of papers:

1.) “Long papers” -- up to 12 pages in length, including figures. This is the format for reporting mature research results or to describe robust working systems. Performance claims should be supported by actual measurements. Full explanations of any special techniques necessary to achieve real-time picture generation and display should be provided. The paper should clearly state what has been achieved and how this makes a contribution to the state-of-the-art in interactive 3D graphics.

2.) “Short papers” -- up to 4 pages in length, including figures. This is the format for interesting work "in progress," where preliminary results are available but a careful evaluation has not been done yet, or for break-through speculative proposals that have not yet been reduced to practice. In both cases enough results or analysis should be made available to demonstrate that the described prototypes or concepts have merit and are of use.

Both types of submitted papers should be in close-to-final form with respect to content -- they'll be evaluated on what they describe, not on what COULD be done. Refinements, enhancements and improved figures can be added later after the completion of the formal review process.

Papers should be submitted in camera-ready format. Formatting instructions can be found here.


Panel submissions should follow the Short Paper format and include no more than five total panel members, including the panel chair. Panel submissions follow the same submission procedure as for submitted papers.

Video Tapes and DVDs

The submission system is set up to accept Quicktime and MPEG video that accompanies submitted papers or video that stands on its own for symposium DVD consideration. Video clips submitted through the submission system are for play across the web for review purposes. Accepted video for the symposium DVD will be submitted as described below. If you must ship physical DVDs or videotapes for review, seven (7) copies of any accompanying video/DVD must be received by the same deadline, 5PM PST, October 25, 2002. All videotapes must be NTSC VHS format. DVDs must also be NTSC. Submit videos/DVDs to:

I3D 2003
c/o Michael Zyda, Director
The MOVES Institute
Naval Postgraduate School
833 Dyer Road, Spanagel Hall 254
Monterey, CA 93943-5118
Email: zyda@movesinstitute.org

Accepted Symposium DVD Video

We are planning on producing a DVD to be handed out at the symposium. If your video is accepted, we expect to receive the best quality original you can develop. That video must be no longer than 5 minutes total, including credits. We prefer to receive your video in the following form:

  • A Digital Video (.dv) file (720 x 480) burned onto a DVD-R or CD-R. This file should not be compressed in anyway.
  • A Digital Video tape.
  • A BetacamSP tape in NTSC.
  • An S-VHS videotape in NTSC.

Once accepted, please provide this digital video material to:

I3D 2003
c/o Michael Zyda, Director
The MOVES Institute
Naval Postgraduate School
833 Dyer Road, Spanagel Hall 254
Monterey, CA 93943-5118
Email: zyda@movesinstitute.org


The program committee will review all papers submitted by the deadline. Authors will be notified of the results of the review around December 20th.

The authors of a long paper may be asked to rewrite their paper as a short paper (but not the other way round). Long papers will be given 25 minutes of presentation time at the symposium; short papers will get 15 minutes of presentation time.


Authors of accepted papers commit themselves to submitting a camera-ready final manuscript by February 3 and video by March 3.

Instructions for authors can be found here:

The ACM Copyright Form can be found here:

Authors of accepted papers may have one color plate page in addition to their paper, if they choose.

In the event that either of the manuscript or the video has not been submitted by the deadline, the committee reserves the right to remove the paper from the symposium, or use the original paper and/or video in the symposium proceedings.

Paper and Panel submission deadline:

Closed - was 5 PM, PST, October 25, 2002

For More Information

For information about the submission process, contact one of the two program chairs:

Randy Pausch, Pausch@cmu.edu
Gary Bishop, GB@cs.unc.edu