Posters & Demos

The posters program offers a unique opportunity to showcase innovative techniques in games and other commercial products, work in progress, student projects, or non-traditional research. We encourage (but do not require) posters that can be presented with an accompanying live demo. A posters "fast forward" session will give each presenter the chance to give a brief description of their poster prior to the poster sessions. Poster sessions will provide a casual setting to allow presenters to show their work and have one-on-one dialogue with attendees and also to control the pace and level of the presentations.

2007 Accepted Posters:

  • Game Engine Development and Interfacing Portable Domed Planetarium VR Environments with SONY PSP and WIIMark, J. Prusten, Michael Magee

  • Arauna Real-Time Ray Tracing, Jakko Bikker

  • Fast Collision Detection for Rigid Bodies, Rahul Sathe

  • Acceleration of Rigid Body Simulation using Graphics Hardware, Takahiro Harada,, Masayuki Tanaka, Seiichi Koshizuka, Yoichiro Kawaguchi

  • Jump Flooding Algorithm Revisited, Guodong Rong, Tiow-Seng Tan

  • Converting 3D Stereo Movie from Classic Film by Dynamic Pixel Analysis Technique, Chien Hung Shih, Kai Tzu Lu

  • Summed-Area Variance Shadow Maps, Andrew Lauritzen

  • A Process for the Automatic Creation of Realistic Cities, Soon Tee Teoh

  • Development of a Sensory Gate-Ball Game for the Aged People, Jung-A Kim, Hyung Koo Kim, Kyung-Kyu Kang, Dongho Kim

  • Robust Navigation Meshes from Polygonal Obstacles, Marcelo Kallmann

  • Extended Parallax Occlusion Mapping with Accurate Silhouette Computation, Carsten Dachsbacher, Natalya Tatarchuk

  • Displacement Mapped Billboard Cloudsmantler, stephanstep@vrvis.atStefan Jeschke Michael Wimmer

  • Fast HDR Image-Based Lighting Using Summed-Area TablesHensley,

  • Fast perception-based color image difference estimationSchwarz,

  • Dynamics-based Comparison Metrics for Motion GraphsZordan,

  • Parallel Particle Level Set Method on the GPUCuntz,

  • Real-Time Line Drawing from Point-based Models, Haitao Zhang

  • Adaptive Silhouette Maps, Pradeep Sen

Original Call:

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts in the field. Review criteria include contribution of the work to the game, graphics, and HCI communities, validity of the results, originality of the work, and clarity of presentation. Posters may be submitted with or without a demo. A poster/demo proposal consists of a one page extended abstract in ASCII text or PDF format. The authors are also encouraged to submit a preliminary PDF or Powerpoint version of the poster. Posters & Demos can be submitted electronicly at:

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