Posters & Demos

Below is an unordered list of posters accepted to ACM I3D 2010. A final program will be posted in January, but tentatively the poster session is scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, February 20.

  • Tiny Encryption Algorithm for Parallel Random Numbers on the GPU
    Fahad Zafar and Marc Olano
  • Every Last Detail: Density Based Level of Detail Control for Crowd Rendering
    Micheal Larkin, Sebastian Paris, Simon Dobbyn, and Carol O'Sullivan
  • Photorealistic Real-time Rendering of Spherical Raindrops with Hierarchical Reflective and Refractive Maps
    Marcos Slomp, Matthew Johnson, Toru Tamaki, and Kazufumi Kaneda
  • Real Time Ray Tracing of Point-Based Models
    Sriram Kashyap, Rhushabh Goradia, Parag Chaudhuri, and Sharat Chandran
  • An Adaptive Splitting and Transmission Control Method for Rendering Point Model on Mobile Devices
    Ke Xie, Xiaohui Liang, Yubo Liu, and Zhiying He
  • Procedural Texture Particles
    Guillaume Gilet and Jean Michel Dischler
  • Distance Based Illumination as a Navigational Aid
    Matt Boggus and Roger Crawfis
  • A Real-Time Screened-Poisson Solver for Interactive Surface Editing
    Ming Chuang and Michael Kazhdan
  • Moving Crowds: A Linear Animation System for Crowd Simulation
    Martin Prazak, Ladislav Kavan, Rachel McDonnell, Simon Dobbyn, and Carol O'Sullivan
  • Spectral Simulation of Hybrid Bodies with Deformable and Rigid Materials
    Yin Yang, Guodong Rong, Luis Torres, Xiaohu Guo
  • Quickly Bounding Diagonal Edge Lengths in Tessellated Bilinear Patches
    Peter Djeu
  • Ambient Occlusion Volumes
    Morgan McGuire
  • Fast Capacity Constrained Voronoi Tessellation
    Hongwei Li, Diego Nehab, Li-yi Wei, Pedro Sander, Chi-Wing Fu
  • Toward a Machine Learning Approach for Classifying User Goals from User Interactions
    Trevor O'Brien and David Laidlaw
  • Following Multiple Unpredictable Targets Among Obstacles
    Christopher Vo and Jyh-Ming Lien
  • Asynchronous Rendering
    Ying-Chieh Chen, Chun-Fa Chang, and Wan-Chun Ma
  • Voxel-Space Ambient Occlusion
    Rajeev Penmatsa, Greg Nichols, and Chris Wyman
  • Variance Soft Shadow Mapping
    Zhao Dong and Baoguang Yang
  • Feature-Preserving Deformation of Tessellated Surfaces
    Hanyong Jang, Dong-young Kim, JungHyun Han
  • Fluid Simulation with Rigid Body Triangle Accuract Collision Using a Heterogeneous GPU/CPU Hardware System
    Jose Ricardo da Silva Jr., Esteban Clua, Paulo Pagliosa, and Anselmo Montenegro
  • Direct Illumination from Dynamic Area Lights With Visibility
    Greg Nichols, Rajeev Penmatsa, and Chris Wyman
  • Real-Time Rendering of River Networks
    Quintijn Hendrickx, Ruben Smelik, and Rafael Bidarra
  • Reasearch and Application of 3D Engine in the Simulation of Nature Scene
    Junfeng Yao, Hui Zhang, Feng Chen, and Andy Ju An Wang
  • BoBlossom: Modeling Growing Plants in Games
    Bo Zhu, Xuekun Fu

Accepted poster authors will have an opportunity to present a 1-2 minute talk during a poster "Fast Forward" session. A special poster session scheduled during the conference will provide a more informal setting to present your work, allowing one-on-one discussions with attendees. Poster presenters will be responsible for printing and transporting their own poster. You should plan to give demos on a laptop, as we may be unable to guarantee access to a power supply during the poster session.

The poster and demo submission deadline is December 18th, 2009.

Acceptance notification is January 8th, 2009.

Further logistical details will be posted as the conference nears.

Important Dates